VEGA introduces r2L system for non-cranables in France

VEGA’s roadrailLink (r2L) system to transport non-cranable semi-trailers on the rail was recently introduced at the Lille Dourges Container Terminal (LDCT), in northern France. The initiative was carried out in collaboration with VTG, which provided their T3000 wagons for the demonstrations.

This new initiative is expected to boost combined transport in the country since this r2L system is “specifically adapted to suit French loading gauge profiles”. However, it is not yet clear if this means that non-cranable semi-trailers can now be handled at the terminal or if it was just a demonstration. Other than this project, VTG has also recently made available a set of Sggrms 90’ container wagons at the LDCT.

As mentioned by French media Fret Ferroviaire, moreover, the event included the presentation of a PowerBox to control the temperatures of refrigerated containers. This PowerBox generator will enable the energy supply energy for refrigerated containers independently of the locomotive. The generator, located above the central bogie of an intermodal double wagon, can feed two reefer containers at the same time and does not require fossil fuels to be powered. It works thanks to a hydraulic circuit connected to the axles.

Image: LinkedIn. © Sébastien Lange

VTG and VEGA expanding in Europe

France is not the first country where VEGA and VTG are trying to push non-cranable semi-trailers from the road to the rail. In October, VEGA started a collaboration with the port of Trieste, in northeastern Italy, to implement the r2L system. More recently, in June, VTG announced that 200 new T4000 pocket wagons suitable for the Iberian gauge and equipped with r2L will be introduced in Spain in September.

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