Brazil kicks-off construction of major rail project with China’s help

The first phase of construction for a major railway project in Brazil, the FIOL railway, is finally underway. The first stone was laid in Ilhéus, on the Brazilian east coast. China Railway No.10 Construtora do Brasil, a subsidiary of China Railway, has been tasked with the construction of the first 126 kilometres of railway.

This section should be ready in 36 months. The investment for this project revolves around 284 million euros (1,5 billion reais), financed by Brazilian mining company Bahia Mineraçao. This is China Railway’s first rail project in Brazil. Brazil’s president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva also attended the inaugural ceremony.

The FIOL Railway

The first phase (FIOL I) will see the construction of a railway section stretching for 537 kilometres, connecting Ilhéus with Caetité. During the second phase (FIOL II), Caetité will be linked to Barreiras, 485 kilometres further west. The last section (FIOL III) will see the construction of a railway between Barreiras and Figueirópolis. Once all three sections are completed, the railway will measure 1,527 kilometres and will connect the mines in Bahia to the port of Ilhéus. It is not clear yet when FIOL II and III will kick off.

Image: Wikimedia Commons. © Bunks

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