Upgrade of intermodal terminal in Madrid enters next stage

The Madrid-Vicálvaro intermodal terminal is currently undergoing a comprehensive remodeling that will see the implementation of 18 tracks to handle 740-metre trains. Last week, Spanish infrastructure manager Adif launched a tender to start the third phase of the project, which includes the development of a yard equipped with four tracks with terminal heads both north and south. The terminal is quite important for Spain, as it is part of both the Atlantic and Mediterranean TEN-T Corridors.

Other than the four-track bundle, this phase also encompasses the construction of a concrete slab next to the track to handle Intermodal Transport Units (UTIs). To this end, a tender totalling 18,9 million euros for the supply of three gantry cranes has already been published. As Adif pointed out, this phase also entails the development of access roads to the terminal for trucks. The budget for this third phase is 38,3 million euros and it is expected to be completed in 14 months.

Four phases to upgrade the Madrid-Vicálvaro terminal

The actions planned in the first phase, which was launched in 2019, have been completed, as Adif underlined. They included the construction of four new tracks for the reception and dispatch of 740-metre trains. Moreover, a new electronic interlocking system was installed at the southern side of the terminal. The second phase, which is currently being implemented, entails adapting the terminal rail access routes to welcome longer trains. The third phase, as mentioned, is in its initial stage.

During the fourth and final phase, six new tracks will be built and eight will be extended, providing a total of 18 tracks to handle 740-metre trains. The total investment for the upgrade of the Madrid-Vicálvaro terminal is set at about 300 million euros and will enable to terminal to handle 150,000 UTIs every year. Adif mentioned that the terminal in Madrid is part of a group of facilities that will be upgraded. These include the terminals in Fuente san Luis (Valencia), Can Tunis and La Llagosta (Barcelona), Jùndiz (Álava), Valladolid, Majarabique (Sevilla), and Plaza (Zaragoza).

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