Bahnoperator Group’s holding company rejects bankruptcy allegations

Lienzer Dolomiten Beteiligungsgesellschaft (LDB), the holding company of the Bahnoperator Group, denies the possibility of bankruptcy and claims that they never filed for such a request.  «The debts mentioned are false. Any external demands can be serviced at any time. This applies equally to the subsidiaries», says the company.

On Monday 3 July, the Alpine Association of Creditors (AKV) claimed that LDB filed for bankruptcy with liabilities up to 4,5 million euros. The main reason behind the allegedly false bankruptcy application, as AKV specified, was “the massively declining order situation in China-Europe freight traffic”. LDB clarified that it was unaware of the application, which was constructed with «company figures that, verifiably, do not correspond to the facts».

LDB added that the application was presented behind the backs of majority stakeholders «and without the involvement of the company’s tax consultancy». They attribute the controversial move to a «former managing minority shareholder», against which they will seek legal action.

Autor/a Marco Raimondi