EC approves Samskip-TX Logistik-duisport joint venture

The European Commission has given the final green light for the establishment of Ziel Terminal GmbH, a joint venture involving Samskip, TX Logistik, and duisport. The new entity will be in charge of managing the Logport III terminal at the port of Duisburg, the world’s largest inland port.

The Ziel Terminal joint venture was launched by the three companies already in March, but the Commission’s approval was still pending. Up until now, the terminal was fully operated by Samskip. With the new formation, the Dutch company will retail 49,8 per cent of the shares, while TX Logistik and duisport will each own 25,1 per cent.

While waiting for the EC’s approval, Samskip and TX Logistik already started new rail freight operations serving the Logport III terminal. For example, TX Logistik launched a new connection between the terminal in Duisburg and the Interporto Padova terminal, in northeastern Italy. Moreover, Samskip linked the German terminal with the Kaunas Intermodal Terminal, in Lithuania and in collaboration with LTG Cargo.

Logport III terminal

The terminal covers a surface area of 140,000 square metres. It is armed with seven transshipment tracks able to handle trains up to 720 metres in length. The facility can rely on two shunting tracks and two gantry cranes for the transshipment from road to rail. The terminal is also equipped with a control tower system, high-tech gate functions, OCR scanning. At the Logport III it is also possible to carry out railcar repair operations. The total capacity of the terminal is currently 250,000 loading units.

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