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Trade union warns of strike due to a labour dispute with TX Logistik

The Italian trade union Fit-Cisl has revealed that the possibility of a strike within TX Logistik is the next logical step to follow if labour demands are not met. The union explained that TX Logistik employees are not included in the “national collective contract of mobility and railroad activities and the Company Contract of the FS Group,” despite the company being a member of the state-owned Mercitalia Group.

According to Fit-Cisl, there have been several attempts to sit at the same table with TX Logistik’s representatives and discuss the matter. “To date, despite repeated requests for a meeting, the most recent a few days ago, […] TX Logistik has not yet convened the union to define the application path for the national collective labour contract and the Company Contract of the FS Group,” said the trade union. A possible reason for this could be the fact that TX Logistik is a company operating internationally and headquartered in Germany.

‘Confrontation is necessary’

The situation could soon result in a strike if the two sides do not manage to approach each other and discuss. “Confrontation is necessary to proceed to the immediate adjustment of the contractual conditions of the employees, on a par with the other colleagues operating in the various companies of the group and in the other companies in the sector,» stressed Fit-Cisl.

Additionally, the trade union underlined that TX Logistik can invest, grow its business and expand its activities due to the hard work of its employees. “Therefore, we demand the right wage and regulatory recognition for them,” concluded Fit-Cisl.

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